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What is Going to Happen in the Future? Part 1 of 3

I find it very interesting that a 15 year old boy can die for 15 minutes on the day of the final blood moon, then pop his head up and say, “I’ve seen WW3 and Obama is Gog!” I wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to this because there are many people who have had near death experiences and rapture dreams and oftentimes these dreams and visions seem more to confuse rather than prophecy. The funny thing about this one, however, is that much of what this child has said has already come true!

Starting at the beginning, the Bible reveals several dream-like prophecies given in the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, the book of Hosea and more. For the most part, evangelical Christians in the Americas have plotted themselves out a timeline as to how they think all of these things will come to pass, matching each event to a given Bible passage. Much of this timeline has been presented in the Left Behind books and movies by people like Peter and Paul Lalonde, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. All this work and study is admirable to say the least, but what if it doesn’t happen in the exact order or in the exact way that our theologians have predicted? Anything is possible, right? We are human after all and we do make mistakes.

A few years ago some YouTubers were examining star charts as a hobby. A scripture first mentioned in Joel 2:31 said, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” Interestingly enough, they found that there would be a lunar eclipse that would turn the appearance of the moon into blood. They also found that there would be not one, but four ‘blood moons’ in a row all landing on Jewish holy days. How incredibly rare! Not so fast -

Upon further research, they found that this ‘tetrad’ of blood moons had happened many times, all in critical times in history. This begged the question, “Would this be yet another critical time in history?” The internet was all abuzz. Would this be the time of the Rapture? Would the tribulation finally begin? Would the Messiah finally return? Many on TV and in social media were giving their views and opinions while others busied themselves criticizing one another for ‘setting Rapture dates’ which is, of course, a sin throughout Christendom as we are not to ‘know the day nor the hour’.

As each of the blood moons came and went, most of us went about business as usual, but in other countries it seemed like the devil himself was on a rampage. Of the worst of these, ISIS seemed to form itself out of the dust of the ground and began a murderous rampage throughout the world killing off anyone who did not believe the same way as them, and then proudly posting their atrocities on social media. People fled in terror and the Refugee Crisis was born.

On the very night of the final blood moon there was a young boy named Natan who lived in Jerusalem. After a very brief and mysterious illness, he lay down to have a nap. During his rest, he suddenly died and had an incredible experience. When he finally woke up and told of his account it would literally shake the world.

Next week we’ll talk about the things that Natan said and what that means to the world.

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