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Drink in The Love

Many do not know or realize that Love is an actual energy that can be experimented with just like air, fire, water, magnetism, and other energies. In fact, Love can be sent to others and received from others. Usually, this takes place in the form of a handshake or a hug. In these cases, Love Power actually passes from one person to another, and/or from one animal to another, and physically and psychologically affects the recipient. New research, however, has suggested that the power of love can now be infused into a substance and then consumed.

Based on the research of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, and businessman, he and his research partner discovered that when water was exposed to specific words it would always make the same kinds of crystals when frozen. Loving and caring words would make beautiful crystals, but dark and negative words would make broken or distorted crystals.

The most beautiful and captivating crystal he found had been exposed to the words, "Love and Appreciation" (roughly translated).

Masaru Emoto

He also found that if you pray over water that has been polluted (which didn't have enough energy to form a crystal), it would change its molecular structure following the prayer and make beautiful crystals once again AND be healthy enough to be consumable.

Take a look at the pictures above. The ones on the top have been exposed to negative words and the ones on the bottom have been exposed to positive words. Many say that the one exposed to the words, "You disgust me" looks like a bandit holding a gun! In light of this, we need to think about not only the words we speak to others but also those words we accept into our lives.

Think of the moments you have found yourself in the last few days.

Has your life been boring and mundane?

Has your life been filled with stress and drama?

Has your life been filled with grief and sadness?

Has your life been filled with anger and rage?

Has your life been filled with fear and insecurities?

No matter what your life has shown you, you need more love and appreciation to balance out the negative.

Do others disrespect you?

Have you experienced bullying in your life?

Are there those in your life that you feel you need to avoid?

Not only can you use love in your life but those around you can probably use it too.

Once you purchase the Love and Appreciation Kensington Tritan™ Sports Bottle from My Beautiful Healing website you can try this experiment at home and see how it works for you.

Please note: This experiment can be conducted with any clear container as long as the water can 'see' the words.

Experiment: With this Love and Appreciation Kensington Tritan™ Sports Bottle. add the cool beverage of your choice. After giving it a little shake or stir, it only takes about 5 minutes for the water to be influenced by the words it sees. Theoretically, this water has now become a healing elixir and will begin to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Drink it down and ask yourself, "Does it taste better?" "Does it taste fresher or purer?" "How does it make you feel?"

Try this experiment even if you have tap water with chlorine or other toxins in it. If you have testing equipment, you could test to see if those substances are still present after being exposed to the Love and Appreciation from the bottle.

Love and Appreciation always comes from God.

Follow this procedure to keep yourself hydrated and infused with the

Love and Appreciation of God.

Enjoy the Power Words of the many designs

of the Love and Appreciation series here.

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