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Anyone Can Learn to be a Healer


As an Energy Healer you can:

Learn at home at your pace


Practice on yourself  while mastering the techniques

Bring healing to your Family, Friends and Volunteers for Free

As an Certified Practitioner you can:

Work at home and save money while avoiding the daily commute

Set your own hours and prices. YOU are the boss!

Begin to charge for your services while adding supplementary income to your household 

Feel the greatest fulfillment as you earn the sincere love and respect of your clients and all those around you! 

A Bit About Me

Hi There, My name is Rev. Sonja Isaac and I feel like I have the best and most fulfilling  job in the world. Like many people I entered the work force with 9-5 jobs for years but I always felt that I could  help people and do more for people that what my regular job required. At times, I even found myself in front of a client that desperately needed prayer and a sympathetic listening ear. So, away from the prying eyes of the office, I would do what I knew what Jesus would do. I would listen to them, comfort them and pray for them. I knew that God had sent them to me for a reason. 

Then one day I discovered a book called The Emotion Code, and I knew my life needed to change direction. With the Holy Spirit as my partner, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and shortly thereafter, I became a certified Body Code Practitioner. 

Those that volunteered to help me soon became my clients. Miracles were happening almost on a daily basis - pain disappearing, depression dissipating and spiritual oppression lifting, This was the job of my dreams; exactly what Jesus would have wanted. My clients told their friends, and those friends told more friends. After my certification, the Holy Spirit added to my knowledge daily. It wasn't long before I had a thriving practice and a very long waiting list.

Even though God is the healer, my problem is that I am only one person. I cannot work on everyone the way the Holy Spirit has guided me to. I need others to know what I know. If you have a heart to help people, consider a career as a Holistic Practitioner. 

with The Heavenly Father is our Source
      - The Messiah Jesus is our Example
      - The Holy Spirit is our Guide, and
      - The Holy Bible is our Textbook

I have never regretted my decision to start and I have never looked back. 

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I am so grateful for the work that Rev. Sonja has done with me. She is very compassionate and understanding. I feel lighter, happier and more energized. It is like a heavy blanket has been lifted off of me. Thank you so much Rev. Sonja. Many blessings. 

How to Get Started

Level 1) The Emotion Code   

Level 2) The Body Code 

Step 3) The Holy Spirit Code 

Learn several muscle testing techniques, and how to release Trapped Emotions on yourself and others with proxy and surrogate testing. Release Heart-Walls, inherited and shared Trapped Emotions. This is a prerequisite to Level 2 Body Code Certification.

Learn the the 6 underlying imbalances and how they adversely affect our health and happiness for a deeper level of restoration. Once you certify in The Emotion Code™, you may choose to expand your potential even more with Body Code Certification!

Expand your knowledge even further with a true understanding of the spiritual realm. Through years of research with the Holy Spirit, Rev. Sonja Isaac has uncovered expansive information on the spiritual issues that affect all of us. Learn how to reject the bad, permanently and completely while pulling in the good for our health and success in every area of our lives. 

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Jean Nelson 


Rev. Sonja 

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Dr. Brad Nelson 


Rev. Sonja 

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Josh Nelson 


Rev. Sonja 


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