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Reverend Doctor Sonja Isaac

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Belief Code Practitioner
Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine

Creator of the Holy Spirit Code
Host of God Wins TV

Founder of STC and Host of     God Wins TV

Rev. Sonja  is a Doctor of Divinity and is the founder of Stone Tablet Communications.

She is the Author of 

'Jesus Was in My Room Last Night;

My Spiritual Struggle with Chronic Illness'

a Biography which tells of her literal visit with

Jesus Christ Himself.

Through His guidance, she gained much wisdom and finally became the first ever to conquer the disease of sarcoidosis through nutritional means.

She is also the host of

God Wins TV's YouTube channel

and a member of the 

Professional Wellness Alliance

as a

Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine.

As a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner,

she provides Personal Restoration services

to her clients around the world.

Rev. Sonja is also the creator of 


now available

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Rev. Sonja C. Isaac

Sonja edited

Reverend Sonja Isaac D.PSc

Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine

Was Featured on

CUTV Blog Talk Radio

with Jim Masters on

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

She was talking about

The Emotion Code

A new energy healing modality

where you can find relief from

emotional blockages

that have been holding you back

from finding

health, happiness and

abundance in your life.

Certified Practitioner

Reading Bible

With the use of 

The Emotion Code, 

the Body Code,

the Belief Code,

 and the Holy Spirit Code,

Reverend Doctor Sonja Isaac

has become a 

Personal Restoration Practitioner.

She uses applied kinesiology and other techniques,

to quickly and easily reverse the effects of negative vibrations,

thus restoring your

entire body, mind, and spirit

to the state God originally intended. 

She does nothing unless it lines up with 

the Bible that is the Word of God.

Rev. Sonja Isaac was born and raised in Central Alberta Canada as Sonja Thompson to immigrants of the West Indies. She has been a Christian since she was four years old. In 1994 she was diagnosed with a relatively rare illness called sarcoidosis. After five years she became the first to conquer this disease in such an unusual way. Her goal is to share with as many as possible the love of Jesus Christ, her system of healing and to eventually wipe all disease off the face of the Earth. Today she is a wife and mother of two grown children and still lives in her beloved Central Alberta. 


Contact CUTV News Radio (631) 850-3314


CUTV News Radio Spotlights Author & Healer Sonja Isaac


ALBERTA, CANADA--How many people suffer from back pain, and diseases like diabetes or migraine headaches, without understanding the cause? Might there be an emotional blockage that is the root of it? Sonja Isaac is a unique healer who says she can tap into the subconscious mind and discover the trapped emotions inside us; negative emotions are like tiny balls of energy and need to be released.


Sonja is a Certified Emotion Code  Healer, a practitioner trained in the elements of The Emotion Code, a book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. There are 60 different emotions (such as loneliness) that he categorized, which can trigger physical reactions and devastating symptoms.


Sonja discovered this emotional key when she suffered from Sarcoidosis in 1994. With the book and code’s help, and even more so, knowledge passed to her by The Holy Spirit, she learned to identify the emotional issues. She also learned to eat and think in a whole new way. She says we sometimes need to forego traditional medicine and step outside the box, and prayer and love are a major part of it.


Sonja is also an author; her book is her testimony about when The Holy Spirit came to her. She felt a weird sensation upon her head, and prayed for her health, then later for her friends and family. So many miracles came after! Jesus Was in My Room Last Night is the title of this memoir.


Jesus also told her that whenever God and the devil get into a fight, God wins. He said, “Don’t Worry, Don’t Fear, Don’t Doubt, God Wins.” These words inspired various YouTube videos, and also the name of her channel and her website (God Wins TV.)


Sonja balances time spent on media efforts with her healing practice. Jesus works through her as she asks clients questions, identifies trapped emotions, and learns when/how they were caused.  Releasing hem doesn’t erase what happened, but it can take away the symptoms, and create change in the client, often after only one session. Sonja also uses magnets and says they work because so many of the systems in our body are electrical.


Do you have to be Christian to partake in this? Sonja says no, but you must believe in the concept of a higher power. She also stresses it is the healer’s strong conviction, not the recipient’s, that makes it work --and she has incredible faith that Jesus is working through her.


CUTV News featured Sonja Isaac, Author, and Healer in an interview with Jim Masters.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have questions for our guest, please call (347)996-3389

For more information, please visit

Rev. Sonja is not... 

On Air Sign
Christian Booklet
  1. Rev. Sonja is not a Superhero, instead, she relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every single session.

  2. Rev. Sonja is not a Healer. The Holy Spirit is the Healer and all Praise and Glory go to Him. 

  3. Rev. Sonja is not a Medium. She does not speak to those who are no longer living and nor does she send messages back and forth between the living and the dead. 

  4. Rev. Sonja is not a Psychic. She only speaks to the Holy Spirit using her hands-on techniques.    She will not speak with any other entities unless she removes them in the Mighty Name of            Jesus Christ while using deliverance and spiritual warfare techniques. 

  5. Rev. Sonja. is not a Prophet and she does not predict future events. She only asks the Holy          Spirit for the truth about any given situation. The Future is not the truth YET. 

  6. Rev. Sonja is not a Medical Doctor and nor does she represent herself to be. She does not diagnose and nor does she claim to cure.

  7. Rev. Sonja is not a Dating Service. She will not tell you if a given person is your 'soul mate' or the right one for you. 

  8. Rev. Sonja is not an ATM Machine and will not give you the numbers for the Lottery - sorry.

Reverend doctor  Sonja isaac 

Personal Restoration Practitioner

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