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Personal Restoration
Steps to Healing

Restoration Top

1. Emotional Restoration 
2. Physical Restoration
3. Spiritual Restoration 

1. Emotional  Restoration

Emotional Restoration is based on 'The Emotion Code', an energy healing technique designed to help users identify and literally release Trapped Emotions. We believe these are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. They may cause feelings of depression and anxiety, and may also block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. 

Our premise is that Trapped Emotions are made of energy just like the rest of the body and that they exert an influence on the physical tissues. We believe this can cause acute discomfort and contribute to potential disease. 

Releasing Trapped Emotions can create the proper conditions for the body to heal - so the physical and emotional difficulties may disappear or become much more manageable.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Author of the Emotion Code

2. Physical Restoration

Our Physical Restoration is based on 'The Body Code' which is designed to help identify and correct energy imbalances that could cause all kinds of physical problems for people. We look for things like the presence of:

  • Negative Energies 

  • Possible Toxins

  • Possible Pathogens

  • Nutritional Deficiencies 

  • Physical Misalignments

  • Imbalances in the Circuits and Systems

This work is all about assisting in the health of the Energy Body to try to make conditions right for the physical body to restore its own health.

Me and Dr_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Brad and Rev. Sonja
Me and Jean Nelson_edited_edited.jpg
Rev. Sonja and Jean Nelson
Me and Josh Nelson 2_edited.jpg
Rev Sonja and Josh Nelson

3. Spiritual Restoration

Our Spiritual Restoration is based on 'The Holy Spirit Code' inspired by the Holy Spirit and developed by Rev. Dr. Sonja Isaac. It addresses spiritual issues and conditions that may be keeping a person from their: 

  • Abundance

  • Personal Peace and Joy 

  • Close and Loving Relationships 

  • Total and Complete Healing  

'The Holy Spirit Code' is the most advanced and spiritually sound deliverance method today.

Sonja edited
Rev. Dr. Sonja Isaac


Gentle and Non-Invasive techniques used by 

Stone Tablet Communications

The Emotion Code - addresses negative emotions and trauma from emotionally charged events of the past. once these emotions are properly dealt with, the client could see a significant improvement in their emotional and mental health and even in their physical health. 

The Body Code - is designed to identify and correct energy imbalances that may be causing all kinds of physical issues for the client. We look for things like possible toxins and pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, and structural imbalances. The Body Code attempts to bring the entire body, soul, and spirit back into proper balance. Once these issues are properly dealt with we often see the cessation of pain and the symptoms of chronic diseases. 

The Holy Spirit Code - is based on inquiry of the Holy Spirit concerning the client's condition. The Holy Spirit has been placed on Earth to guide us into all truth including the underlying reasons as to why the client is experiencing problems. Following a session a client may experience relief not only in their body and spirit but also in their relationships, their self-worth and their life in general. 

Using these techniques in combination creates 

Personal Restoration

that endeavors to bring the whole person back into the condition that

God intended them to be in the first place:

Relaxed, Pain-Free, and Happy. 

Although we see miracles experienced every day during sessions,

we do not claim to cure anything.

When positive results are obtained, all the glory goes to the Holy Spirit.

So why wait?

Book your

Personal Restoration session today


get your peace back,

get your joy back,

and get your life back!

You don't have to yell anymore

You don' have to hurt anymore

You don't have to risk anymore

You don't have to be in pain anymore

You don't have to be afraid anymore

You don't have to suffer anymore

You don't have to cry anymore



You're Not Alone Anymore

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