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Animals are People too!

Tragic circumstances can happen in everyone's lives including our pets. Sometimes trapped emotions can cause our little loved ones to have behaviour issues. Separation anxiety, incessant noise, house training problems, and fear of being petted are just a few of the many difficulties that display evidence of trapped emotions. We need to remember that 

our pets have feelings too

It always helps to know a bit about what has been going on in the animal's life. Is it a rescued animal? Has it been fighting with other animals? Is it aggressive to people? Has the animal been injured?  

When a Personal Restoration Practitioner clears negative emotions and rebalances the health issues it can turn our babies back into the loving creatures that we always hoped they would be. 

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How does an Animal Session Work?

Just like Human Personal Restoration, Animal Restoration can be accomplished by Proxy (at a distance). And works the same as a Human session. Once your appointment has been scheduled, you need to call your Practitioner precisely at the appointed time to begin the session and discuss the needs of your pet.. 

Animal Kingdom

Animal Restoration

is great for

Animal Shelters and Breeders

because once an animal's

systems have been

restored to normal

they become more adoptable

and happier in their environment!

When you request a session, your Practitioner will arrange to have a Pre-Session Interview at a time that fits into your schedule. This allows you to get to know us better and find out how we can help you the best. It helps if you can give a bit of a description as to what has been going on 


When the scheduled time approaches you will receive a reminder either by email or text. Please call your practitioner precisely at the time of your appointment. When the Practitioner picks up please be open to whatever the Holy Spirit has for you. Miracles are common.

Within 24 hours following your session, you will receive a complete report of everything that was covered in the session. This way you don't have to worry about taking notes.


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