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Jesus Was In My Room Last Night

My Spiritual Struggle with Chronic Illness

Foreword by Laural Grimes

Afterword by Dr. Ernest York

of the 

Wetaskiwin Lung Lab

Imagine trying to live the traditional Christian life, but nothing seems to be going your way. In fact, everything around you seems to be falling apart; mechanically, physically, financially, emotionally, psychologically, and even spiritually. Then you get diagnosed with a mysterious and potentially fatal illness that nobody seems to know anything about. You know you should pray, but the medication has affected your mind so greatly that you can't seem to remember the name of that guy that died on the cross for you so long ago. The only things you can cling to are a few faint scattered thoughts ...

Don't Worry - Don't Doubt - Don't Fear - GOD WINS!

This is Sonja Isaac's riveting true account of how a mysterious visitor came literally to battle the devil for her soul and her life, and to eventually give her victory over a devastating illness called sarcoidosis.

Part 'Battlefield of the Mind' and part 'Good Morning Holy Spirit'

this is spiritual warfare as you have never seen it before.

“I wrote this book because I wanted to remember,

 - All the astonishing miracles that He has blessed me with,
 - All the extraordinary things that He has taught me, and - 
 - All the ways that He has completely transformed not only my circumstances, but me  as a living, breathing human being.


I no longer sit in hopelessness, because I understand the tools of the Lord

I no longer put up with difficult situations, because I understand the tools of the enemy.” 

                                                                 Sonja Isaac   


If you read this book and you understand and use the concepts that it teaches, then very soon you will no longer be running from the enemy, but the enemy will be running from you.


And when you finally know the truth, go and set someone else free. 

Jesus Was In My Room Last Night;

My Spiritual Struggle With Chronic Illness

Is available in PDF or E Book format.

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