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Religious Exemption Card

This is an Exemption Card for

Masks and All Vaccinations

issued to by

Stone Tablet Communications. 

You may

download it, print it and

put it into a Badge Holder. 

Click to download 


Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol - From Colds to Cancer

Learn the amazing health benefits of H2O2, what it did for me, and what it can do for you! Click to download the protocol.

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The Prayer of Jabez


The Prayer of Jabez is not a special scripture that has special powers, as all of the Word of God is special. 

Jabez was a young man who was born in sorrow. We can only imagine that his life had been very difficult. But the day came when he had endured enough. He called unto the Great God of Israel and requested the things that he needed. 

By asking God for the things we need, He is always there to bless us. When Jabez finally made his request, God was there to bless him, and he became more honorable that all of his brothers. 

Call on the God of Israel for the things that you need and He will always be there to bless you. Even placing this prayer in an area where people can see it creates the energy of prosperity in your home. 

Reverend Sonja Isaac 

Jabez Prayer Pic.jpg

Click on the picture to download your own FREE Printable Prayer of Jabez

When you say the prayer,

simply replace the name 'Jabez'

with your own name,

then ask the God of Israel

for the things you need. 

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