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A Message from the Angel Gabriel

Photo by Gabriel Brandt on Unsplash

I am not one to invoke angels or other entities from the spiritual realm. I speak only to the Holy Spirit, however on February 26, 2018, the Holy Spirit led me to listen to what this particular spirit had to say. After testing the spirit as the Bible instructs us to do, and being satisfied with his answers, I wrote down his message word for word:

"I (Gabriel) will be the only person to announce the coming of the Lord today. They will not believe me when I tell them about it. They will not take a second to have a serious look and repent from their sin. Show them a way to accept His coming. Do not forget to be faithful to the Holy Spirit when they ridicule you and slander you. Do not fear, for the Lord is with you. I will go to the Father and tell Him about the situation with your enemies. He will send many angels to fight for you. We will go to a very powerful stance against the enemy and we will win. Now is the time to pray for the coming of the Lord. We will see Him again."

After Gabriel delivered his message, he left immediately. I asked the Holy Spirit what I should do with the message. He told me to make a video and put it on YouTube.

If I may comment on the message itself, I notice that it contains the words, 'do not fear'. This is like the trademark of angels from God. Angels from the dark side, in contrast, are always trying to frighten you. Also, I always get ridicule and slander from my teachings on speaking in tongues as it is a very controversial and misunderstood topic. No doubt I will get ridicule and slander just from posting this angel's message, but I always do my best to obey the Holy Spirit. And finally, I would like to know how I am to show people a way to accept the coming of the Lord. No doubt when He does come, many people will accuse Him of being the false Messiah. The proof will simply be in the pudding.

In 1996 when Lester Sumrall died, there was a prophecy saying that when another world famous evangelist died, the Lord would return shortly after that. I noticed that this message comes less than a week after the death of world famous evangelist Billy Graham. Enough to raise an eyebrow wouldn't you say? The bottom line is, like Gabriel said, take a serious look and repent from your sin for now is the time to pray for the coming of the Lord. May all who read this join me in this prayer.

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