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Calling for Sunshine in Alberta Skies

Combines harvest a field at sunset
It is time for the sun to come out for a warm Alberta harvest.

For the past several years I have been experimenting with various ways of controlling inclement weather for the benefit of the whole. One method that seems to work repeatedly and with a high degree of amazement was speaking to an oncoming storm in the ‘Mighty Name of Jesus Christ’ and then speaking in Tongues about the situation. I have seen storms split in half and go around. I have seen them stop raining, sail over top of me and continue raining on the other side. I have even seen them stop in their tracks and dissipate altogether.

However, 2019 has been quite different. After repeated attempts with my go-to method, within 24 hours the condition or similar conditions would return. It was clearly time for a different approach.

Alberta - September 11, 2019

Challenge: It has rained all through the summer of 2019. This condition has been severe enough to cause poor crops throughout Central Alberta. I would imaging there may have also been a downturn in Alberta tourism as well because nobody wants to go anywhere or do anything out in the rain. We need our skies to be healthy and happy so that we can have a wonderful harvest and our Alberta Farmers can prosper as they feed the country of Canada and the rest of the World. To this end I decided to do a session on the ‘Alberta skies’. The results are as follows:

‘Too much Rain in the Alberta skies’ is reading at a severity 10.0 due to

1,261 Tobacco toxicities – cleared

2,262 Medication toxicities – cleared

1,676 Cosmetic toxicities – cleared

‘Too much Rain in the Alberta skies’ is now reading at a severity 5.6 due to

1,577 GMO Food toxicities – cleared

6,655 Herbicide toxicities – cleared

‘Too much Rain in the Alberta skies’ is now reading at a severity 0.0

‘Too little Sunshine in the Alberta skies’ is reading at a severity of 2.7 due to

751 Caffeine toxicities – cleared

‘Too little Sunshine in the Alberta skies’ is now reading at a severity of 0.0

Children enjoy the warmth of the sun and the warmth of a good friendship.
Warm Sun - Warm Hearts

The session didn’t take long but it surprised me in some ways.

I expected way more tobacco toxicities to be in the air in the Alberta skies.

I’m not sure how Medication and Cosmetic toxicities would get into the sky; perhaps it is from things being put in our landfills or in our water supplies. The terms ‘Medication’ and ‘Cosmetic’ as well as other terms in the session may only represent one portion of a larger chemical. It is also clear that the biggest culprit was the Herbicide toxicities as farmers keep pouring the herbicides onto their crops as a necessary evil to rid themselves of persistent weeds. I also realize that chem-trails and other attempts to fill the sky with chemicals and various toxic energies and substances is a very real thing.

I don’t know if this will work but as I look up from my desk I am beginning to see the first poking out of blue sky. My hope is that all of September and October will radiate warmth from an open sun which will result in a tremendously successful harvest in gardens and fields as well as many happy vacationers that will visit our fine province. This is my tiny attempt to benefit all those in our Beautiful Province of Alberta.

Blessings to you all,

Rev. Sonja.

Children jumping into a lake
Children enjoy the benefits of summer

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