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What will Happen in the Rapture?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Peace – Love everybody, and welcome to the GodWinsTV Blog.

I’d like to talk about how to prepare for the Rapture. The ‘Rapture’ is when Jesus comes back and takes all the good people away to safety as spoken about in Scripture. We don’t know when the Rapture is going to happen, but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what it’s going to look like? There are several movies about the Rapture that you could watch that would give you an idea of exactly what the Rapture is. When you watch these movies you will see things like worldwide car accidents and plane crashes because the drivers and pilots have all suddenly been taken when the Rapture happens.

What happens first in the Rapture?

One of the things that we do know is that the ‘dead in Christ’ will rise first. In other words, the righteous people who have died previous to the Rapture will go first. For hundreds of years preachers and teachers have been quoting 1 Thessalonians 4:

13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

Where will we go in the Rapture?

From what I understand, when we Rapture we will not be going to heaven but rather to another place. I’m thinking this is another place like Heaven, or perhaps another planet. So it would make sense that the people who are in Heaven will go over to the Rapture place before we get there. Also, the Holy Spirit tells me that graves that are less than approximately 2 years old will open up and the people will be whisked out of them. I could be wrong about this, but I’m just trying to figure it out just like anybody else.

So what about us? We righteous people who are alive and busy dealing with all the evil around us, what happens to us? 1 Thessalonians 4 continues:

15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

This seems to give us a picture of a great reunion either in the sky or at the Rapture place. But I don’t believe that we will be dead when we Rapture, Holy Spirit tells me that we will be able to see ourselves traveling. In other words, it’s not going to be like a dreamlike situation where you are in one place and all of a sudden you wake up in another. In my opinion, I would prefer to watch myself traveling so that when I get to where I’m going, I will be able to understand, generally speaking, what has happened to me. If it were in a dreamlike situation where I would just all of a sudden wake up on another planet, I would still have so many questions as to what exactly had happened to me and my loved ones.

What will the Rapture look like?

When I asked the Holy Spirit a bunch of questions recently about the Rapture this is what he told me:

Holy Spirit told me that the Rapture will actually take 7 days to complete. He said that one Angel would be in charge of 1 nuclear family. So let’s say that we have Daddy, Mommy, and 3 children with 2 pets. One Rapture Angel is in charge of all of them. Let’s call this Rapture Angel ‘Angel Ted’. When the time comes, and the trumpet sounds, Angel Ted would come and get Daddy first and take him to where Raptured people are supposed to go. Then Angel Ted turns around and comes and gets Mommy and takes her to join Daddy. Once again Angel Ted turns around and comes back for the youngest child to join them with their parents. Angel Ted keeps turning around and going back to get another member of the family until finally the oldest child has been taken to the Rapture place to join their family. Holy Spirit tells me also that in the end, Angel Ted will return for the family pets. All of this will take place within about a minute and ½. I think this is beautiful that he will come and take our pets because I do have a cat and I had wondered what would happen to it when I go in the Rapture. Farm animals and wild animals will stay on Earth in the Rapture.

I’m not sure why it will be done in this order. I’m thinking that I, as a mother would sincerely be freaking out to watch my children disappearing before my eyes. But since the whole procedure would be finished so quickly, perhaps it would have less impact on the children as they watch their parents disappear. This kind of thing happens on TV in cartoons all the time.

Will there be car accidents and plane crashes in the Rapture?

Say you’re traveling from point A to point B in your car at the time of the Rapture. I asked the Holy Spirit if the Angels will wait until the cars have stopped and the planes have landed before they Rapture the people and He said, “Yes”. Logically, if the Angels wait until vehicles are stopped before they take the drivers, theoretically there should be no car accidents and no plane crashes. I think this is probably why the Rapture will take a full 7 days to complete. There are some pretty long (8-10 hour) flights that people take and I think it is safer to wait until the plane is on the ground before whisking off the pilot. The passengers, however, can certainly go before the plane has landed. If this is the case, your car could be left at a gas station, in a parking lot, or even at the side of the road if you happened to stop and take a phone call. The Holy Spirit did not say that the Angel would wait until the vehicle was turned off before he would take the driver. So, it is entirely possible that vehicles would be left running all over the place at the time of the Rapture. I think the whole Rapture idea is about protecting people and not about senseless mayhem and death.

He also said that the order will not be changed as to who will go first. In other words, if you’re the Dad and you’re driving home from work, your family will not already be taken before you get home from work.

The Clothing Question

2000 years ago when Jesus rose again, there was fabric found neatly folded where he had been laying. This inspired another interesting idea that sprung up in one of the Rapture movies. The idea was that everyone who had raptured would leave behind their clothes neatly folded exactly where they had been. Children’s clothing would be found neatly folded under the covers of their beds. Police uniforms would be neatly folded in their police cruisers or on the streets where they had been standing. Every raptured person everywhere would leave their clothing behind neatly folded.

If this actually happened in the real Rapture, it would mean that we would all leave ‘sans clothing’ (naked). Interesting concept, wouldn’t you say? Yet back in the day, in John chapter 20, when Mary saw Him and Jesus told her not to touch Him because He had not yet ascended unto the Father, he was fully clothed. Personally, I think that the fabric left behind neatly folded in the tomb was actually his burial shroud which later became known as the famous ‘Shroud of Turin’.

We can also say that when we are whisked away, God would provide us with heavenly garments. When the time comes, the Holy Spirit tells me that we will be taking our clothing with us, and in turn, our clothing will be transformed into heavenly garments. You know, like what Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother did to her ragged dress before she took off to go to the Royal Ball. I’m cool with that.

This would agree with Revelation 19:6-8 which says:

6 And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.

7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

Whatever happens to our clothing, we will not be traveling naked and we should have nice clean clothes when we’re done.

Who will go in the Rapture?

The C-Scale is a measurement I use to determine how a person is doing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A healthy person in this respect should have a C-Scale of around 300 or above. A person with a C-Scale of 200 or below is carrying a lot of emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage. The person with a negative C-Scale is completely detached from God, they have at least a 95% negative thought pattern and they may not even believe in God.

So, who exactly will go in the Rapture? The answer is: all the righteous people. C-Scales don’t seem to matter much in this case. If you have an extremely low C-Scale (between 0 and 60) it is a toss-up as to whether or not you will go. The question that must be answered is, “How have you treated your fellow man?” And, “Do you have righteousness within you?” If you have lived the lifestyle of treating your fellow man badly by breaking the 10 Commandments, you will certainly stay. If you have habitually followed the teachings of Jesus Christ which is to do good to all those around you, even those who hate you and do bad things to you, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you will go in the Rapture. However, I do know that anybody that has a negative C-Scale will stay; this includes evil Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Leaders.

I also hope and believe that all children below the Age of Accountability (kids that don’t know any better) will be taken in the Rapture even if their parents are evil. This is to rescue them from all the unspeakable atrocities that will happen in the Tribulation. It is a Mercy of God.

Why will the Rapture happen?

Up until recently we never knew why the Rapture was supposed to happen. All we knew was that it was indeed going to happen. So, why is the Rapture going to happen? The Rapture needs to happen in order to protect all the righteous people from all the evil goings-on in the world as described in Matthew 24. We have already seen the Abomination of Desolation standing in the Holy Place as described in my other blog post. If God does not shorten the time, in my opinion there just won’t be anybody left. This is why the Rapture needs to happen.

What do we do about those we know who will be left behind?

There is not much that we can do for those who are left behind after the Rapture has already happened. I have a letter that I have written for one of my neighbors whom I know will be left behind. This man feels that he is a man of God because he and his family have gone to church for many years. He had served on Church boards and Christian school boards and has done all kinds of things for the sake of the church. Even though he has done all these things, he still has a negative C scale. I think that it is because it was all about the money for him. Money was more important than people. He would also hold grudges and be angry with people for a very long time. I’m sure many of you know people like that. They put on the look of being a good person and yet underneath they are hurt, tortured, and bitter.

The letter reads, something like this:

Dear Neighbour,

If you are reading this it means that the Rapture has happened and you have been left behind. You have come into my house to try to find me and my family. We are not here, for we have risen with everyone else and will be gone for a number of years. Please take any food and supplies that you need to survive as it will not be easy for you. Do not take the ‘Mark of the Beast’ as the authorities will be making it mandatory for everyone. We are not dead but will return in the Lord’s time to conquer the evil that remains on Earth. May God grant mercy to you, and take care of your wife and any of your other family with you.



This letter sits on my kitchen table.

It may sound silly, but I’m also trying to clean my house so that when the neighbors or the authorities come to try to find me they won’t think I live in a pigsty. LOL, is this vanity? It probably is.

When will the Rapture happen?

I don’t know. All the dates that I thought might be possibilities have all passed. At one point I fleetingly thought that the Rapture might happen on July 17-18, 2021. On the Jewish calendar, this was the 9th of Av which is a notoriously bad day for Israel.

This is the day that:

· Moses broke the Tablets after the Sin of the Golden Calf

· The nation of the Exodus cried as a result of the negative report of the Spies which resulted in them not entering the Promised Land

· The Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem

· Both the First and the Second Temples were destroyed

I surmised that since the Rapture may be initiated by the dropping of a nuclear bomb over the country that this may count as yet another notoriously bad day for the country of Israel. Since there is no nuclear bomb as yet (thank God), this date fell through as well.

An interesting characteristic of God is that He likes to make people celebrate a holiday while giving them traditions that they don't really understand and then fulfill that holiday many years later. This brings me to one more possible time of the Rapture. It is sometime during the Jewish feast of Sukkot for the Hebrew Year 5787. It begins at sundown on Friday, 25 September 2026, and ends at nightfall on Friday, 2 October 2026. Coincidentally, this is a Holiday that takes 7 days to complete. The tradition is that the people are to build temporary shelters and live in them for seven days. It sounds to me like they are symbolizing the Rapture when the people are taken and placed in temporary (in comparison) hiding places for 7 years - The Rapture.

When we read about Sukkot, among other things, it is about the gathering of the harvest. When I asked the Holy Spirit when the Rapture Angels will be fully prepared to fulfill their jobs, he tells me they have been ready ever since August 30, 2021. In other words, they are already fired up and ready to go. Remember, I could be wrong about this as well because I am human and I honestly do not know.

If the Rapture does not happen by the end of September 2026, then perhaps the Rapture will not happen in 2026 at all. Or perhaps the Rapture will not happen on a Jewish holiday. While asking the Holy Spirit, I tested the statement, ‘There is no Rapture,’ and that statement tested as False. Again, these are only theories, and we just need to watch and pray. Why do I say 2026? Eh, the Holy Spirit seems to lean me towards that year.

What happens on Earth after the Rapture?

After Angel Ted and all his Rapture Angel buddies had fulfilled their jobs, complete mayhem will ensue on the Earth. Mothers who have stayed behind while their children will have vanished will be in complete shock and anguish. Companies will be in financial peril should they find that a great number of their workforce has simply disappeared without warning. People will be calling 911 and finding no answer as many 911 operators will either be overwhelmed or will no longer be on the other end of the phone as they, too, may have disappeared.

Therefore, the 'Mark of the Beast' Law will be put in place. Everyone will be given a mandatory mark like a catalog number for the purpose of identification. This mark is commonly known as the 'Chip'. It will have all of your banking information on it, your health information on it, and all of your activities including your GPS location. After all, since so many people have disappeared, 'They' need to know who you are and all your information.

Should you decide not to comply with some of their other newly installed rules, they can erase the information on your chip or simply edit it to say that you are some kind of a criminal which will motivate the authorities to hunt you down and render whatever punishment is warranted. Trust me, you don't want to be here.

Take a look in your cupboards at anything you purchased at a store. These are sample RFID tags that I found in my own grocery supplies. Look at the two long lines in the middle of the tag between the 95 and the 00. This represents a '6'. Ignore the 7 on the left and the 9 on the right. Now at the far left and far right of the tag, you will see identical long double lines. They also represent 6's. Therefore on the entire tag is hidden the number '666' and in modernized countries, you already cannot buy anything without this mark on it. We all accept this as normal but it is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:16 to 18. Probably the subject of another blog.

How else do we prepare for the Rapture?

No matter who your religious leader is, whether it is the Pope, whether it is Allah, Budah, or someone else, Jesus Christ is the example we take of doing the right thing and being kind to others. When it comes to your own righteousness, it is your heart that matters. If you have a problem with someone you know, go now, and do whatever it takes to make it right. If there are people you know who do not know Jesus Christ and the kindness of his practice, don’t hesitate. Go and tell them about Jesus Christ now and talk to them about asking Jesus Christ into their heart.

No matter what your C-Scale is, no matter what religion or culture you have grown up in, make sure that you have asked Jesus Christ into your heart. This can be done easily by saying this simple prayer and meaning it:

Dear God,

I know I haven’t always done the right thing and I have made mistakes in my life.

I’m sorry for those mistakes and I ask you to forgive me for everything I have done wrong.

I ask Jesus to come into my life and save me.

I promise to follow Jesus for the rest of my life and to allow His guidance to help me always make the loving choice.

I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


If you have said this prayer and meant it,

it tells Jesus

that you want to be numbered

among the people that go

and are saved in the Rapture.


and we will see you soon.

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