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Who is the Most Compassionate Person on Earth?

Who is Most Compassionate?

I heard of a desperate woman who was recently compelled to sell her eldest son for 400,000 Naira which is about $1700.00 Canadian. Her business had been failing for quite some time and by now she had borrowed so much money from so many different people that there was no way she could ever conceivably pay it back in her lifetime. Her husband had left her because of the mounting debt and anyone who tried to help her financially soon found themselves also wallowing in the miry clay of debt. Frequently being beaten by creditors, all she had left were her three small children. It was unbearable to even think of selling one of them so she ran from the rich man who would have purchased her child.

On the advice of strangers she fled to Lagos to the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Standing in the prayer line she had no idea why she was there or what anyone could even do for her. Soon, one of the Wise Men (Disciples of the Senior Pastor) approached her and delivered her from the spirit of credit in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) if you have received a miracle, you are encouraged to tell your story, so during Testimony Time, the woman stood humbly with her three young children giving the account of what had brought her there. As soon as the Senior Pastor Prophet T. B. Joshua heard her tell the story, he called for an assistant to hand her an envelope containing 400,000 Naira, the exact amount she needed to pay off her debt.

T.B. Joshua also began speaking about the compassion of others. He said that they had people in the congregation who are millionaires and yet they feel no reason why they should help a woman like her because they see no benefit for themselves. They cannot marry her for she is already married. They cannot employ her in their business for there are no openings. There is nothing she can do for them so why should they help her? And so to the audience and to the viewers all around the world he said that when you help a person like this, then God is the one who will bless you.

Finally he called for assistants to give them four bags of rice which is a food staple in Nigeria; each bag looked to be about 20 kg. Then he told them that each of her children were to be given scholarships so that they could go to school. Before he was finished speaking, a man came up from the audience and said that he wanted to give her 100,000 Naira for her living expenses. Suddenly there was a call from an announcer. Someone had called in on the prayer line saying that they wanted to pay the rent for her and her children for one full year. The woman fell to the floor and erupted in tears as she was so overwhelmed from this outpouring of compassion.

Where is the compassion in Canada and the United States? Our church leaders ask us to give, give, give until it hurts and yet there is nothing in the Benevolent Fund to give to the poor. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with giving to our local house of worship, and salaries and expenses need to be paid. The error begins, however, when we become too secular minded and our leaders start looking at the congregation for their salaries instead of trusting God for His provision. God should be our Source for everything.

Along with the typical ministries of a Spirit filled church like music, healing and deliverance, the SCOAN has extensive ministries in all areas of social needs including orphans, those with disabilities and even dwarfs. I am all for fellowship and encouraging each other in the Lord, but while our pastors are having tea with the Ladies Auxiliary, the staff at SCOAN are arranging for truckloads of rice to be brought in on a regular basis just to feed the poor! While our young people are going bowling on Friday nights, the young people of SCOAN are scouring the neighbourhoods and the surrounding towns looking for those who have needs that have gone unmet. One day they found such a need.

A man was sitting in his bed, unable to walk and slowly starving to death. He had no family around. He had no friends. They took him, fed him and gave him the medical care that he needed. When they finally brought him back to his little house, he was surprised to learn that they had put carpet down on his floor and given him a new bed and a house full of furniture and appliances. There were curtains on his windows, blankets and pillows on his bed and even a new wheelchair to address his mobility issues. There were even arrangements made for a nurse\social worker to come by on a regular basis to see to his needs. Every need had been met to the final degree.

Where God Guides, God Provides.

So what about your ministry? Are you reaching out to the community to find needs to be met? Or are you turning hungry people away claiming that there is no money in the Benevolent fund? Does your ministry display the compassion exhibited by the example given by the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria and its Senior Pastor Prophet T. B. Joshua? Or are congregants leaving because of lack of love? What will it benefit you to help those in need?

I challenge your congregation if it be in Canada or in the United States or anywhere in the world to follow the words of Jesus Christ: love thy neighbour as thyself. Matthew 22:39. This just means treat other people the way you would want to be treated – do the right thing. Would you want someone to help you if you were in trouble? This is exactly what the Synagogue Church of All Nations and its Senior Pastor Prophet T. B. Joshua have given as an example. Take a good look at yourself and the ministry you are involved in. Are you the most compassionate person in the world? Are you looking for a great blessing from God? Then bless someone else. Where God Guides, God Provides. Jesus did it. T.B Joshua did it. Go, and do thou likewise. Luke 10:37

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