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Interesting Dates for a Possible 2021 Rapture

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Throughout the years, history dictates that amazing miraculous events always seem to happen on Jewish holidays. The upcoming and impending Rapture has been talked about ever since Jesus first mentioned it in Matthew 24:40-42. “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”

I am well aware of the scriptures that say, “No man knows the day or the hour…” Although we might know neither the day nor the hour, the Lord emphasizes that we need to ‘Watch’, so I see no harm in speculating. It allows us to be more watchful and aware. Should the Rapture happen in 2021, I have little doubt that it would happen on a Jewish holiday.

Here are a few dates that I find would be interesting possibilities.

February 26, 2021

Purim is a holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia. The story is told in the book of Esther in the Bible where Haman the Amalekite receives King Ahasuerus's permission to annihilate the Jews, who are considered to be God’s people. In a twist of fate the king's secretly Jewish queen Esther, prompted by her cousin Mordechai, intercedes with the king. The decree is turned on its head, instead allowing the Jews to avenge themselves of their enemies on the very day their destruction was fated. The Jews celebrate their victory on the subsequent day, the 14th of Adar.

In light of its history Purim would be an ideal day for God to rescue his people. This year, Purim is celebrated on February 26, 2021, beginning the evening of the 25th. In Jerusalem, the day following the victory, Shushan Purim is celebrated on the 27th.

March 5-6, 2021

On September 23, 2017, a constellation appeared in the sky which fulfilled a prophecy given in Revelation 12 in the Bible. Here are verses 1-6 in the Message Bible:

“A great Sign appeared in Heaven: a Woman dressed all in sunlight, standing on the moon, and crowned with Twelve Stars. She was giving birth to a Child and cried out in the pain of childbirth. And then another Sign alongside the first: a huge and fiery Dragon! It had seven heads and ten horns, a crown on each of the seven heads. With one flick of its tail it knocked a third of the Stars from the sky and dumped them on earth. The Dragon crouched before the Woman in childbirth, poised to eat up the Child when it came. The Woman gave birth to a Son who will shepherd all nations with an iron rod. Her Son was seized and placed safely before God on his Throne. The Woman herself escaped to the desert to a place of safety prepared by God, all comforts provided her for 1,260 days.”

When we look at the constellation, we see that it fulfills all the requirements of the prophecy.

· The constellation of Virgo is the Woman.

· The sun is at her shoulder as if it were her cape.

· The moon is at her feet.

· The constellation of Leo along with the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury add up to the 12 stars that make up her crown.

· The planet Jupiter (The King Planet), being the child, passes through her pelvis and begins to go down between her legs.

· The constellation of Draco is the Dragon poised to devour her child.

The Bible speaks of a 7 year Tribulation that will be divided in half. If we add 1,260 days which is about 3 ½ years to September 23, 2017 we land on March 6, 2021. If we assume that September 23, 2017 marks the first day of the 7 Year Tribulation, then March 6, 2021 would fulfill the first half of that time frame. My question is, if we are not to know the day, then why are we given exact days?

So what is to happen on March 6? Is it the Rapture? Maybe nothing in particular happens. Or is it the beginning of the time we as God’s people will no longer be protected? I think it would be lovely if Jesus swooped in a day or two ahead of March 6 so that none of God’s Children would have to endure the second half of the Tribulation. Clearly the second half of the Tribulation promises to be quite nasty indeed.

Photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash

April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. During the Rapture, the dead in Christ shall rise first. They took Christmas away from us. Perhaps Resurrection Day will be extra special this year. I just think it would be wonderful if the Rapture happened on the day that the power of the Resurrection is made manifest throughout the whole world.

For that matter, the Rapture could happen any time during the Jewish Passover which starts on March 27 and goes to April 4. Historically, Passover begins when the sun sets.

Passover (March 28 - April 4, 2021) commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. After generations of bondage, God sent Moses to demand that Pharaoh release the Jewish people from slavery. When he refused, God afflicted the Egyptians with Ten Plagues. Days after Israel's departure, Pharaoh and his army pursued them in order to try to bring them back. Using the hand of Moses, God split the Red Sea and allowed the Jewish people to pass through safely to the other side. The Egyptian army entered the Sea in hot pursuit. Unfortunately for them the Red Sea closed over top of them, drowning them all.

If history is going to repeat itself, anytime during the Passover would be a great time for God to rescue his people.

Another Scripture Daniel 12:11&12

And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

An interesting note, if we add 1,290 days to September 23, 2017 we land on April 5, 2021. This happens to be Easter Monday, the day many say is the day Jesus actually rose from the dead.

Traditionally, we do not sacrifice animals every day when we worship, but we certainly sacrifice our time and our tithes and offerings when we attend our place of worship. Not only have they taken away our Christmas and any holiday celebration get-togethers but they have also disallowed us from gathering together to worship God. This, to me looks like a fulfilment of the scripture that says, “The daily sacrifice shall be taken away”.

Whenever the Rapture does come please don’t do anything crazy like quitting your job or leaving your spouse, giving away all your stuff or investing in some crazy money scheme with your life savings. If it doesn’t happen when we think it should, relax and put one foot in front of the other taking one step at a time. The future is not something we should fear. Jesus is coming but in His timing.

And remember,

when God and the devil get into a fight, who wins?

That’s right…


Photo by dan carlson on Unsplash

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