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What does it mean to be Spiritually Possessed?

Note: This article is true but it is not for the faint of heart. Please use your own discretion.

Possession of a human spirit is often hyped by Hollywood. Movies, through fear and terror, try to show you how it works. The truth is that it is not how it works. I'm going to show you not only exactly how it works but I'm also going to show you what you can do to battle against it.

People who are possessed are often called 'monsters' and 'pure evil'.The child who kills his family and spares his only sibling, who happens to not be home that day, is possessed. The people that run around in the mall or the school or another public place and shoot everybody they can find, are possessed. The person who has lost all hope in their life and decides that suicide is their only option, that person is temporarily possessed.

A sing eye seen in the darkness
Eye of the Storm

Generally speaking, we don’t see animals out in nature trying to kill each other or kill themselves. Unless they have been trained by a human, they will only kill for the sake of food. To be possessed is strictly a Human problem.

Here's the Definition:

To be possessed is to be so completely under the influence of the devil that you are willing to harm yourself or others without a single thought to their well-being, or to the consequences. There are three things that will bring a person under the possession of the devil.

1. The first is simple willingness or innocent ignorance. The Devil cannot possess anyone without their conscious compliance. Perhaps you don’t believe in God and you decide that the devil is the one you will turn to. You submit to the devil because you don’t know any better. The devil will take advantage of this and make you his slave. He will get you to harm as many others as you can before finally getting you to do away with yourself.

2. The second is witchcraft. Perhaps you have cooperated with someone who operates in the dark arts and they have roped you into the idea that you would be more powerful and better than others in many ways if you allowed the devil to be your leader. You may get a few of the things you want but you will pay a terrible price with the complete takeover of your mind.

3. The third is certain recreational and often illegal drugs. These drugs can bend your mind so much that the devil can take the opportunity to rule the body to get it to do whatever Satan wants. He will convince you that bad is good and good is bad. This is called 'inversion' and it is caused by listening to the devil and the evil voices around you.

Family Sign on Pavement Parking Stall

The child that kills his family has usually never been instructed in the ways of Christ; but if they know about the salvation of Christ, they have completely rejected it as well as the love of others and have accepted only the desires of their own heart. Through the use of dark music, dark movies, and dark video games the devil renders them unable to relate to positive emotions like Love or Compassion. Negative emotions are dealt with in a matter-of-fact manner. Back in the '60s and '70s Ouija boards that contained a demon in every game were very popular. Even the board game 'Dungeons and Dragons' has claimed many young victims. Therefore, they can kill because their parents won’t give them what they want or won’t cooperate with them. They can even kill just to see how it feels, and they can do it without even a touch of remorse.

Mixing with a Mortar and Pestle
Mixing with a Mortar and Pestle

In Africa, it is commonplace and even traditional to go to the witch doctor for healing because medical doctors are not as available. In these exchanges, one can easily get swept into deception by these witch doctors who actually work for demons. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of places in North and South America and in other countries where those who practice the dark arts are plentiful. There are even those who will go to spell casters to get them to cast a spell on someone they are angry with or someone they want to control – love spells, murder spells, sickness spells – all kinds of spells.

The people that run around in the mall or in the school or public places trying to shoot whoever they can find are usually under the influence of some kind of recreational or illegal drug and therefore they are possessed and under the influence of the devil. Clearly, these drugs are illegal for a reason. When the murderer is caught, you will hear them often say that they 'blacked out' before the incident. This is the moment the devil completely takes over their mind and uses their body to do whatever they want. It is an evil spiritual takeover and the person is the one who pays the price.

Once the drugs wear off they find they are still possessed because the cravings for the drugs are so overwhelming that the drugs mean more to them than the needs of others. Mothers will opt out of getting their children food just for the opportunity to have one more hit. Unfortunately, our world is now overrun with these drugs and it has given Satan a prime opportunity to destroy one-third of the Earth. Back in the 1960’s nobody had ever heard of school shootings or of child abductions. Now it is a common occurrence to practice school lockdowns.

West Edmonton Mall Walkway
West Edmonton Mall Walkway

West Edmonton Mall is one of the biggest malls in the world and boasts hundreds of stores on several floors. When it was first completed within the first few months of its opening, the world was shocked when the first time someone attempted to abduct a child from there. When the alarm rang, every door in every store was instantly slammed shut until the child was found. The perpetrator already had the child in a bathroom cutting her hair to change her appearance. This is our world now.

For the most part, people don't understand how the spirit realm works. They suffer through their physical and emotional challenges without understanding the strategies of the devil. As long as people are complacent due to these incorrect spiritual beliefs, they are not a threat to the devil's dark spiritual realm and he has no problem with them. As long as this is the case, he will leave them alone except to encourage their suffering.

Satan has a campaign to nullify the positive influences of everyone on Earth. Those who have become possessed through the means of illegal drugs and have acted on their twisted thoughts have discovered a great opportunity to ruin the life that God wanted for them because when they are caught they will be incarcerated for a very long time. Thankfully, most people who are permanently possessed are either currently in prison or in some kind of mental institution but there are more and more added every day.

A hand reaching up from the lake water
Let Me Drown

Satan will press people with lies and negative thoughts about others and themselves so much that they will choose to end their lives and therefore end the amazing plan that God had for their lives. The person who turns to suicide feels they have no option but to end their own life because of these lies and negative thoughts. They need to understand that these are lies from the devil, and it is the devil himself who wants their life to end. The devil sees that within each of us, there is a plan of God to better the world in some way. This is the plan that the devil wishes to destroy. He does not want you to realize that God can help us conquer every problem and every tragic circumstance. He doesn't want us to find out that we can be healed of all our trauma, negative emotions, and physical challenges. Once the suicide has happened, the victim will immediately turn around and regret their foolish decision. It is only the prayers of the loved ones left behind that can save that victim from the fires of hell.

I remember working on one young man who had committed suicide. He was not yet 18 and he didn’t know any better. The drama in his life had escalated to the point where the devil took the opportunity to press him with such incredible negativity. The devil had spoken to him so much that he finally made this tragic and irreversible decision. His physical life on Earth had ended and the plan of God to better the world and his positive influence on the world was no longer possible.

Spiritually, the young man had wound up in Purgatory. We do not speak to the dead, but at the request of the family, the Holy Spirit and I removed the blockages that kept him out of Paradise and ultimately out of Heaven. Today he is happy in Heaven with his past loved ones. He has been forgiven of all his past sins. God is all about forgiveness.

In my practice, I come across all kinds of people who have been bothered by demons and all kinds of spiritual creatures who are trying to ruin their lives. They are not possessed but only pestered by these creatures. For the most part, they have the intestinal fortitude to say no to the devil's temptations and deceptions. Once we get rid of these creatures by the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, their lives automatically take a turn for the better.

Tray of Drugs
Tray of Drugs

I have only met one person who the Holy Spirit said was possessed. She was a former drug addict and suffers from what I call ‘Shattered Brain Syndrome”. It is from a tremendous amount of trauma from when she was a child. Her brain is segmented into seven parts. On each segment, there is a creature attached called a ‘Dark Source'. A Dark Source is a powerful evil creature that tries to claim ownership over a person. It can only remain with her because of other spiritual conditions that exist. Each Dark Source has its own personality and some are extremely violent. She does not want these ‘personalities’ removed because she feels they are her ‘friends’. Unfortunately, in this case, because of her choices, we cannot help her.

Back in 1995, I had my own encounter with the terrorizing clutches of the devil. It was the most unusual and terrifying night of my life and I remember it like it was yesterday. My children were in bed, my husband was off to work and I was left at home dealing with a literal battle for my mind. Jesus had come to visit me and explain many things that were happening. I could hear things very clearly in my mind. I was getting two sides of an argument. One side was logical, comforting, and even funny at times, while the other side kept saying that all of this was ridiculous and that I was going crazy. My job was to figure out who was talking to me.

At the time, I was in bed and growing weary of the constant battle. Even though I had been a Christian since I was four years old, I made the foolish decision to throw my hands up with the whole thing. I said to myself that none of this was real and that it was all in my imagination. I said, “I bet if I give myself to the devil nothing will happen.” (In hindsight, I think this was a thought that was strategically planted by Satan.) So I said out loud, “I give my soul to Satan.” (By the way, don’t ever do this, seriously)

As soon as the words were out of my mouth I felt like a giant garbage bag was thrown onto my body and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t talk and I could barely breathe. It was complete darkness and it was as though the bag was filled with thousands of growling, screaming, snapping, and ravenous dogs. The noise was so loud I could barely stand it. I was terrified, and immediately I began to regret my idiotic decision. Try as I might I could not cry out to my Saviour.

Quickly the bag began to consume me from the top of my head and continued down to my chest. I felt the tearing and biting of the dogs as they ripped my face from my forehead to the bottom of my chin. Somehow I knew that if this bag continued to consume me completely I would be lost in this situation forever. I would be possessed.

I kept trying to call out to Jesus before I was completely consumed. Among the growling howling and screaming there was a threatening voice that said, “You will murder or else…” At that very moment, I managed to squeeze out the tiniest call – Jesus! There was no hesitation. Jesus took His hand and pushed the giant bag off me and onto the floor. Immediately the breath of life entered me once again. I have never been so relieved in my entire life! But I could still feel where they had torn my face open. The pain was numbing. After that, I was able to go to sleep with Jesus by my side.

Golden metal knights
Fighting for Love

When I awoke in the morning I recalled the terrifying ordeal. This was definitely not a dream. This was real. I could still feel that my face had been mauled by these creatures but when I got up and looked in the mirror there was no mark of any kind. Regardless, I still felt the pain of the injury for weeks.

When I reflected on the incident in the following days I asked myself, "How could you be so utterly stupid?" There was a battle going on for the rulership of my mind and I needed to wake up and help Jesus on His side of the tug-of-war. I also noted that nothing was done unless I personally asked for help. I asked Jesus, “Why is the devil after me so badly? I’m just a housewife.”

He replied, “It’s because you’re anointed. You are not anointed for what you are doing today; rather you are anointed for what you will do in the future.” That was nearly 30 years ago. This story is told in my book, “Jesus Was in My Room Last Night”.

When I see myself today in my practice in 2023, I partner with the Holy Spirit. We expel demons and evil spiritual creatures of all kinds from people's lives. I produce courses to teach others to do the same. I see how much healing we bring to everyone who comes to us. I see the number of curses we lift; I see the number of dark spiritual entities we clear from people’s lives every day, and I see how much of a huge threat we are to the devil himself. We are completely ruining his dark kingdom! The attack by the devil back in 1995 was completely warranted on his part, but when God and the devil get into a fight who wins? Of course, God wins.

If you feel you are battling the devil in your life right now, one of the best things you can do is to fill your home or office with praise music – music that praises God. The devil hates praise music and refuses to enter a space that is filled with it. Here is a link to my favorite Praise Music Playlist: Click Here

If you would like to read more about the spiritual battle that started me on the road to becoming a demon buster and all the things I learned along the way, you might like to read my book, “Jesus Was in My Room Last Night” available on my website.

If you would like to know more about kicking the devil out of your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your community, learn spiritual warfare. If you have decided to stop being complacent and are ready to join God in the fight against the devil, you need to learn the Holy Spirit Code. It is a course that teaches you how to come against the strategies of the devil. It is Biblically based and Holy Spirit-backed. With your help, we can free people, families, and communities all over the world. Please, learn more about the Holy Spirit Code here.

God Bless You All

Pictures credits:

Dark Eye Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

Family Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Mortar and Pestle Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash

West Edmonton Mall Walkway by CTV News

Let Me Drown Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

Tray of Drugs Photo by Matteo Badini on Unsplash

Book Cover: Jesus Was in My Room Last Night

Metal Knights Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash

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