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What Will Happen in the Future? Part 2 of 3

In September of 2015, Natan was only 15 years old. Even though he lived in Jerusalem, he was not particularly religious and was probably more interested in cell phones, video games and impressing pretty girls than going to religious classes. So, when he suffered a short and unexplained illness, he probably had never even heard of the blood moons and if so perhaps only in passing.

He lay down for a rest as he hadn’t been feeling well and the next thing you know he is among people or entities that are treating him extremely harshly for the tiniest little mess-ups that he did in his life. The smallest good thing on the other hand was enough to have a parade about. The debate went back and forth as to what should happen with his destiny – up to the good place or down to the bad. Finally, the ‘Main Guy’ who shall remain nameless, ordered that he be shown the future and then sent back.

Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year old Natan full translation 148 min Clinical Death

Video Link:

Natan came back with a doozy of a story. When he told the local rabbi of his experience, the rabbi brought him before a room full of other rabbi’s teachers and students. Why? Much of what he said lined up with scriptures that the rabbis had studied for years. Although there were some things that Natan by divine order was not allowed to reveal, here are some of the highlights of what Natan predicted not necessarily in order.

  1. World War Three has already started. It started earlier on September 11, 2015.

  2. The main role of ISIS would go from murdering people to kidnapping people.

  3. The Messiah is already on the Earth. He is someone who has repented and has not sinned since he repented. He does not know he is the Messiah. He is a very famous person – perhaps a Rabbi. When the Messiah is finally revealed everyone will be shocked and surprised that he is the Messiah. The Messiah currently lives in Israel.

  4. Seventy Nations would come against Israel because they want Israel for themselves. These seventy nations will be led by Gog.

  5. Gog is Obama.

  6. When the other countries come to attack Israel, the Israel defence systems will only be able to hold out for two or three days. Then Israel will be totally vulnerable.

  7. Jerusalem will be protected. Many will flee to Jerusalem for protection.

  8. Iran would shoot a nuclear bomb towards Israel. God would keep the bomb suspended in the air for two weeks.

  9. The two witnesses will be raised to life. One on each side of the Mount of Olives. They will be very shiny.

  10. The Messiah will split the Mount of Olives in two and he will appear in the middle. He will pull all the righteous people into the mountain in order to protect them. The way he will know that you have righteousness in you is that he will smell you. If you do not have righteousness in you, you will not be able to come into the mountain and you will have to stay outside and die.

  11. The bomb will finally hit the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Millions of people will die.

  12. The Messiah will kill Obama and his body will be buried in Israel.

  13. All of this would come to pass in a matter of months.

Some of the things that I remember the Rabbi saying lined up with scripture are:

  • The Messiah will return on the Mount of Olives and that there would be a great earthquake the moment his foot touched the mountain and the mountain will split in two.

  • Righteousness has a particular smell.

  • People will flee to the mountains for protection.

  • Gog will be buried in Israel.

Some of the things that Western Christianity will recognize match up in their scenario are:

  • The Messiah will return on the Mount of Olives and that there would be a great earthquake the moment his foot touched the mountain.

  • The two witnesses will be raised from the dead.

  • Many nations will come against Israel

  • There would be a great war between Gog and Magog

  • Something that is nuclear will come out of the sky and will kill many, many people.

In the next posting, I will share some of my thoughts on this prophecy.

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