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What Will Happen in the Future? Part 3 of 3

Video Links:

Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year old Natan


Winged Creature attack Hamas Missiles

Pillar of Cloud Protects Israeli Army from ISIS

As I said in previous posts, I find it very interesting that this one Near-death experience and its subsequent prophecy that happened in September of 2015 have generated so much buzz. I think the part that shook me the most was that young Natan said this whole thing would be fulfilled not in 20 years, nor 50 years, but in the coming months.

  • I wasn’t surprised when he said that WW3 had already started because by the time the final blood moon happened, ISIS was already running around killing not just Christians as the Western Christian scenario states, but anyone who did not believe the same way as them.

  • Natan said that 70 nations would come against Israel. I find it interesting that on Sunday, January 15, 2017, not 69, not 71, but exactly 70 nations came together in France to meet concerning Israel. Was Israel invited to the meeting? Of course not.

  • Natan said that the role of ISIS would be kidnapping people. I find it interesting that it is rumoured that ISIS is running out of money and is having a hard time paying its army. Therefore its role has been changing from open slaughter to kidnapping for the money.

  • Natan said that Iran would shoot off a nuclear bomb towards Israel. I find it interesting that Iran is already testing missiles against regulations and defying president Trump’s warnings.

  • It concerns me that Natan said that a nuclear bomb will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa. If I had friends or relatives that lived in those cities, I would phone them and give them a friendly but somewhat urgent invite to come and stay at my place for an extended holiday.

  • I already mourn for Michelle Obama and her children knowing that these things have been predicted for her husband.

  • The only problem I have with what Natan said is about the Messiah. In western Christianity, we understand that Jesus is the Messiah who lives in Heaven right now and that when He returns He will come down from heaven on a cloud. So as you can see, not many on this side of the ocean will accept when someone says that the Messiah lives in Jerusalem right now, and that the Messiah doesn’t even know that he’s the Messiah. Whaaat?!?! Perhaps their idea of the Messiah and our idea of the Messiah are two completely different things.

  • I don’t have a problem with the two witnesses being raised from the dead, nor with the mountain splitting in two and the righteous people getting sucked in, but is this what we westerners call the Rapture? Perhaps the Rapture will not be an event that happens all over the world, but rather a localized event designed to rescue all the righteous people who would have otherwise been victims of the nuclear blast attack on Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Interestingly, I have a few thoughts about why Natan said that Jerusalem will be a sanctuary. It is no coincidence that in the early 1980’s, an amateur archeologist named Ron Wyatt discovered the location of the Arc of the Covenant. Israeli authorities are well aware of the details of this discovery and the Arc is currently under extreme divine protection.

As we know from Bible history, the Arc of the Covenant has always had a role in the protection of Israel. I think that when the attack on Israel inevitably happens, the Arc of the Covenant will be brought out and set in place in Jerusalem and will make the city the divine umbrella of protection that the whole country has been longing for. We have already seen the missiles of Hamas being diverted into the ocean by strange winged creatures. Were these the winged cherubim that normally sat on the top of the Arc of the Covenant? We have already seen a strange pillar of cloud rise up between ISIS and Israel to protect Israel from attack. Was this the legendary pillar of cloud that would accompany the Arc wherever it went? All I know is that if I was a soldier fighting against Israel, and I saw these divine acts of protection, I would seriously consider my role in the battle and whose side I would prefer to be on.

Whatever you think of this little child Natan leading the country with his vision, search the scriptures for your own conclusions. Don’t give up on God, but run to Him for your protection and your wisdom. And no matter how you look at it, Israel is a country you don’t want to be messing with.

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